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Artificial Intelligence "more dangerous than nukes!"

By Piper Maddox

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Artificial Intelligence "more dangerous than nukes!"

over 5 years ago by Piper Maddox
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Elon Musk hit the stage at SXSW this week to talk Mars, Tesla and Artificial Intelligence.

I don't know about you, but the informative interview left me with way more questions than answers, particularity when it comes to the subject of AI.

The Government commissioned an independent review into the development of AI in the UK last year. The findings were that AI shouldn't be subject to direct regulation, but an AI council should oversea the industry. 

Are the suggestions of Wendy Hall and BenevolentTech CEO Jérôme Pesenti enough to keep us safe?

Should we not demand regulation and controls over the development of AI? As Elon says, you wouldn't let just anyone build a nuke! (Cheery stuff ay?!!!). According to Elon, it is inevitable the world will slip into a dark age... he should try being a Spurs fan, like me!

Here are the recommendations following the Government review, which to me feels insufficient. 

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