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Piper Maddox partner with the Battery Storage community to create a comprehensive Salary Survey

Piper Maddox partner with the Battery Storage community to create a comprehensive Salary Survey

10 months ago by Matt Anders
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Piper Maddox is excited to reveal that after much demand from the market, they are partnering with the Battery Storage community to create their first-ever comprehensive salary survey for the US Battery Storage Sector.

This is the initial year that Piper Maddox will be conducting a salary survey for the Battery Storage community across the USA and so, we encourage Battery Storage leaders to participate in this survey to share your views across a wide range of areas. The goal of this survey will be to interview a large pool of Battery Storage professionals across the US with a brief salary survey, with the aim of providing professionals within their field with accurate, tailored benchmarking data to compare your compensation within the current market and help customers to benchmark their internal compensation structures for their teams.

Matt Anders; Manager at Piper Maddox comments ‘Piper Maddox has been part of this growth for the past seven years and has seen the ups and downs all throughout. One challenge that comes up more and more is compensation with both employees and employers becoming more uncertain about where they stand.

​As we came into the new year, we realized that we could be and should be doing more. We wanted to help the entire industry, not just those we have 1-on-1 conversations with. So, we decided that it was time for a comprehensive battery talent survey to hopefully shed some light on what ‘market rate’ truly is.”

​The electrification industry is growing at a phenomenal rate and batteries are leading the charge. With such a large number of start-ups coming into view, larger corporations entering the space, and gigafactories planned across the entire US, it's difficult to keep up!

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Are you a battery storage professional in the US and are interested in taking part?

​Piper Maddox is aiming to have a completed report available towards Spring 2023 and you'll have the option to provide contact details should you wish to receive a copy.

​Piper Maddox values the input from each participant that partakes in the survey and looks forward to providing this valuable resource to the Battery Storage community.