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Clean Fuels Podcast: Season 1 Episode 4

Clean Fuels Podcast: Season 1 Episode 4

7 months ago
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Decarbonizing Aviation

​Welcome to the Clean Fuels Podcast hosted by Ben Greenfield of Piper Maddox, the aim of this four-part series is to shed light on the ever-evolving landscape of sustainable and low-carbon alternative fuel sources. We’ll be exploring innovations in Hydrogen, BioFuels, Novel Nuclear technologies, and other potential forms of alternative energy and storage. We’ll be speaking with in-industry experts to discuss their various applications, benefits, and potential challenges in bringing these products to market.

In Episode 4 of the Clean Fuels Podcast, we’re thrilled to sit down with Tim Cesarek, Executive Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer at Gevo to discuss low-carbon fuels and decarbonizing aviation. We break down the current state of the Sustainable Aviation Fuels market, and a wide variety of topics including demand drivers, government incentives, and market challenges.

Tim Cesarek is the Executive Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer at Gevo – a next-generation low-carbon fuels company focused on the development and commercialization of renewable fuels. Prior to his current 5-year tenure at Gevo, he worked for notable businesses such as Enerkem as Vice President of Business Development, Waste Management, and Koch Industries as Managing Director.

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