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Piper Maddox Expands to Miami

Piper Maddox Expands to Miami

3 months ago
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​Piper Maddox, a leading recruitment brand in the clean energy industry, is thrilled to announce the opening of its new office location in Miami, Florida coming soon in October 2023. This expansion marks an exciting milestone for the company as it extends its reach into a thriving market and positions itself for significant growth in the region.

Miami, with its proactive approach to renewable energy and a strong commitment to sustainability, presents a prime opportunity for Piper Maddox to further its mission of connecting top talent with leading organizations at the forefront of the clean energy industry.

By establishing a physical presence in Miami, Piper Maddox is ready to tap into the incredible opportunities the market has to offer. The company is committed to making a meaningful impact, acting as a catalyst for sustainable change, and driving economic growth. The new office will be more than just a place to find extraordinary talent; it'll be a vibrant hub where we shape partnerships with clean energy companies, governmental organizations, and educational establishments. Together, we aim to drive the clean energy sector to new heights and provide tailored solutions to meet the evolving demands of clients and candidates alike.

“Florida is among the top three states in the country for solar power generation and home to over 450 solar companies,” said Alex Cohen, Senior Director at Piper Maddox “It’s also the perfect regional hub to build an even deeper footprint across the entire Southeast, where more and more solar, electric vehicles and battery companies are investing billions in building out R&D and manufacturing facilities in what many are now calling the ‘Battery Belt’”. Cohen adds “Miami is also a vibrant, diverse, and growing city where we feel confident, we can build an amazing team of wonderful humans to help support our clients that are changing the world and have fun while doing it.”

Piper Maddox prides itself on its ability to identify and attract top talent, placing highly skilled individuals in key positions within the clean energy industry. With its expansion to Miami, this marks a significant milestone in Piper Maddox's ongoing commitment to expanding its global footprint. With existing offices in several major cities across the globe, this expansion reaffirms the company's dedication to driving positive change on a regional and global scale, supporting the transition to a greener, more sustainable future.

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