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Adrienne Atchley

Adrienne Atchley
Name:  Adrienne Atchley
Position:  Consultant - Solar
Email address:
Phone number:  512-791-5919

I'm Adrienne, a Solar Recruitment Consultant at Piper Maddox in Austin, TX

I have a year of Recruitment Experience in Technology and Renewable Energy/Clean Tech markets. I have worked with a number of clients in supporting their Industry Specific Roles. I was brought in to assist the growth of our permanent full-time division at Piper Maddoxin Austin, TX. As an office, we have teams across Energy Storage, E-Mobility, Wind, Solar, and Energy Efficiency. We utilize our quality over quantity approach to ensure that our clients are getting the best service possible, while also mirroring their passion for the Renewable Energy and CleanTech industries.

Why Piper Maddox and the clean energy sector?

My passion lies in the difference we can each make in changing our planet to be as clean and renewable as possible. Being in an industry where forward and innovative thinkers can strategize and implement ways in creating a healthier planet through Renewable Energy and Clean Tech is what motivates me every day.

Something else...

I have a background working in Neuropsychology as a Psychometrist. This has given me a passion to continue to evolve the hiring, onboarding and training processes that currently exist in order to eliminate as much bias as possible. Instead, I’m interested in using data-driven methods to recruit, as well as properly taking the time to find talent that doesn’t just check a box from a technical standpoint-but can also add value to my organizations from a personality and integrity standpoint as well.