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Alex Horne

Alex Horne
Name:  Alex Horne
Position:  Principal Recruitment Consultant – Clean Fuels
Email address:
Phone number:  424-416-2665

​My name is Alex Horne. I’m a Principal Recruitment Consultant focused on the Clean Fuels & Hydrogen market across North America, based our of our flagship New York City office.

I have over 2.5 Years Recruitment Experience, focused in the Energy/Renewables Market.

I have worked with several industry leaders and segment disruptors in supporting their talent needs across the renewables space.

I was brought in to support, lead, and develop our Clean Fuels & Hydrogen practice in the US, focused on the Green Hydrogen, Sustainable Aviation Fuels, RNG, Waste to Energy, and other cleantech such as Carbon Capture and Fuel Cells spaces.

Why Piper Maddox and the clean energy sector?

I am extremely passionate about the CleanTech & renewables space. Having grown up in the Pacific Northwest a beautiful region of America that’s pretty forward in its climate goals. It gives me vigour for recruiting in the space and supporting companies going out there to make a difference for generations to come. By specialising in such an innovative and “clean” Sector, I can see first-hand the passion that people share with me, and it’s hard not to be motivated by their enthusiasm to improve things.

Something else…

In my free time I am an avid American football and basketball fan, love to play the guitar/piano, and travel around the world. Currently sitting on 11 countries visited, I’m hoping to double that in the next couple years!