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Bayleigh Angel

Bayleigh Angel
Name:  Bayleigh Angel
Position:  Recruitment Consultant
Email address:
Phone number:  +44(0) 117 244 4909

​I am new to the world of recruitment but have seen myself get settled very quickly, obtaining my first within 7 weeks of being here and breaking records here in Bristol!

I was bought in to lead and develop our brand across the UK and Europe. I specialise in Energy Storage and focus primarily on the development function and work with some great innovative organisations to help them disrupt the Energy Eco System for the better.

Why Piper Maddox and the clean energy sector?

I have always had an interest in the renewables sector after my final year module which was looking at the legal side of globalisation and the impacts it has across the world. I found myself looking at how failure to comply with national laws can lead to failures in the system and how this could be avoided. Whilst doing this module I was approached by Piper Maddox, and it sparked further interest in me looking into ways we can make the world more sustainable.

Something else…

I always have a jar of Biscoff spread in my drawer, and on weekends I celebrate a successful week with a night out.