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Charles Orr

Charles Orr
Name:  Charles Orr
Position:  Manager – eMobility & Hydrogen
Email address:
Phone number:  0117 450 6704

With a decade of experience in recruitment, I've had the chance to connect talented candidates with exciting opportunities across the continent. From blue chip Aerospace manufacturers to innovative start-ups, I've worked with them all!

Right now, I'm thrilled to be a Manager in the Piper Maddox team; developing our E-Mobility and Hydrogen service offering in Europe by targeting clients with a focus on clean technology for Aerospace and Hydrogen sectors. I'm fortunate to have a vast network in these rapidly expanding markets and love collaborating with a vibrant community of clients and candidates who are making a difference in the future of mobility and sustainability.

Why Piper Maddox and the clean energy sector?

I am deeply passionate about the clean technology advancements in the aerospace and hydrogen sectors. The potential for transformational change and positive environmental impact in these areas is incredibly inspiring to me. As we strive to reduce carbon emissions and create a sustainable future, the aerospace industry holds immense promise for developing innovative and efficient electric propulsion systems; leading to cleaner and quieter aircraft. Additionally, the emerging hydrogen sector offers a game-changing solution for clean energy storage and transportation, paving the way for zero-emission hydrogen-powered aircraft and other vehicles.

Something else…

I’m an avid gamer (which my wife is thrilled about), expectant father, keen snowboarder and Star Wars geek. I’m also considering getting an electric jet ski to commute to work through the floating harbour of Bristol…