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Charlotte Dungworth

Charlotte Dungworth
Name:  Charlotte Dungworth
Position:  Head of Sustainability
Email address:
Phone number:  424-500-4704

​Charlotte Dungworth is Head of Sustainability for Piper Maddox Los Angeles

I have 9 years recruitment experience across multiple industries, retail, logistics & supply chain and now most recently sustainability. I have worked with SMEs through to blue chip organizations. Companies just looking for one Head of, and companies looking to completely restructure and work with me and my team on a project and an entire business overhaul. I have worked as a solo recruiter and also built large successful teams.

I have been bought in to grow a brand-new division for Piper Maddox in Los Angeles, Sustainability.

Why Piper Maddox and the clean energy sector?

I am really passionate about the Clean Energy Sector, we can all make a difference in our everyday lives to support reversing Climate Change. By specialising in such a innovative and “clean” Sector, I can see first hand the passion that people in the sector have, and it’s hard not to be infected by their enthusiasm to improve things.

Something else…

I love keeping fit and am quite competitive so am very into CrossFit although extremely amateur.

I also always dreamt about living and working in another country and what better place to do it than the beautiful state of California.