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Conor McStay

Conor McStay
Name:  Conor McStay
Position:  E-Mobility Team Lead
Email address:
Phone number:  917-710-1171

​I'm Conor, an E-Mobility Consultant in New York.

I use my experience to support the growth in the E-Mobility industry as an experienced Exec Search Headhunter & Recruitment Leader.

I have experience working across the entire E-Mobility industry and working with leaders across all market segments. I have worked with a number of OEM’s, tier 1 suppliers, charging businesses, and autonomous driving technology companies.

I am passionate about helping companies build up their talent by forming a true partnership and taking the time to understand what they have difficulty with and provide a solution which creates an optimal experience for every company and candidate I work with. Being knowledgeable about articulating a clients story and vision to the top talent in the market ensures each client finds exactly who they are looking for.

Why Piper Maddox and the clean energy sector?

Being a part of the future, electric vehicles and the overall future of transportation is one of the most exciting spaces to be a part of right now and something that will only to continue to grow and make the world we all live in a better place.

Something else…

I am the tallest person in the New York office, at a towering 6’6”!!