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David Woodings

David Woodings
Name:  David Woodings
Position:  Vice President - Head of Piper Maddox West Coast
Email address:
Phone number:  +1 424 214 0593

​I am honored to lead our West Coast business here at Piper Maddox, I truly believe we offer unrivaled service and approach to supporting amazing talent and clients within Renewable Energy & CleanTech across the USA. 

I’ve worked in professional search and recruitment for over 8 years, spanning multiple industries, skill requirements and now continents. 

I am massively invested in delivering the best talent to our clients, understanding their business goals and challenges to provide the best possible solutions to support their journey in having the most positive impact on our planet and environment.

Piper Maddox has provided me a platform to personally build a business I am hugely passionate about, whilst also helping to reduce carbon emissions, migrate away from fossil fuels and have a direct influence on driving the USA to a more sustainable future. 

Why Piper Maddox and the clean energy sector?

Renewable Energy is one of, if not the fastest growing economic sectors globally, our mission to support clients at all levels, sizes and stages of their lifecycles is hugely exciting to me and our team – we work with some of the most exciting and innovative start-up tech companies, through to the largest Developers delivering large scale Solar + Wind projects. 

Piper Maddox offers a unique ability to provide a fully tailored, top-to-bottom service for our clients meaning we live and breathe our client’s stories and missions to represent them in the most compelling way possible to a very competitive market. 

Working in Clean Energy means you not only are in a hot desk market, but you can take pride in knowing the work we do daily is having a direct impact on our futures. 

Something else…

Recently started training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu – aiming to do competitions next year!