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Hari Udhaydharshan

Hari Udhaydharshan
Name:  Hari Udhaydharshan
Position:  Recruitment Consultant
Phone number:  0203 929 5936

​Hi, I’m Hari and I’m a Renewable Energy and Cleantech Consultant here at Piper Maddox London!

Straight from graduating I have now gained 4 years of recruitment experience working with many types of organisations ranging from small start-ups to large scale international operations. I was brought in to help with the Renewable Energy market due to my background in engineering and sales allowing me to provide a true consulting service.

Why Piper Maddox and the clean energy sector?

We’ve ultimately come to a point where clean energy needs to be a priority and cannot be ignored. I believe Piper Maddox helps accelerate the market and catch up to its counterparts and that’s a journey I want to be part of. There are also plenty of like-minded people so it’s been a pleasure talking to professionals in the industry and it’s only getting bigger.

Something else…

Avid cyclist, completed many cross country routes and aiming to get me and my bike into mainland Europe. Also into all sports, mainly football, tennis and now finally starting to get my drives straight on the golf course.