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Josh Taylor

Josh Taylor
Name:  Josh Taylor
Position:  Team Lead
Email address:
Phone number:  0117 205 0100

​I'm Josh Taylor, Energy Storage & Renewables Team Lead, based out of the Bristol office.

I am a recruiter with over 6 years’ experience and the ability and experience to recruit across a wide range of difficult to fill and niche positions. My technical understanding of the sector and my clients is strong, and I work hard to ensure the cultural fit of my candidates is excellent too.

I was bought in to lead and develop the Energy Storage and Renewables division across the UK and Europe. My team and I work all the way across the sector, from utility-scale EPC and development, all the way through battery manufacturing to innovative tech start-ups. My approach is quality-focussed and I work closely with my clients to attract and onboard the best individuals in the market. Through my headhunting experience, strong understanding of talent attraction, and my influence across the recruitment process I help my clients effectively navigate complex hiring needs.

Why Piper Maddox and the clean energy sector?

The future of our planet is one of the most important and pressing issues facing humanity, and I’m proud to be able to be a part of a positive change for the future. Building a robust talent pool across Europe is something I’m very passionate about and through supporting our clients I believe we can play a part in moving towards a greener world.

Piper Maddox have been at the forefront of the cleantech sector across the USA and Europe and I’m proud to be part of the continued success and growth of this.

Something else…

I’ve been a chef, a business owner, travelled to over 20+ countries so far, written a travel blog, can talk your ear off about food and drink, and generally just love exploring new cultures, tastes, music, and interests.