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Michael Wald

Michael Wald
Name:  Michael Wald
Position:  Senior Manager – Head of Solar, Wind, & Energy Trading
Email address:
Phone number:  +1 646 846 3372

I'm Michael, Head of Wind, Solar & Energy Trading for Piper Maddox New York.

I am a Penn State graduate majoring in Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship through the Smeal School of Business, with a double minor in Psychology and Business Law. In this market I have been able to leverage my educational experience and my passion for entrepreneurship to join the blossoming Renewable Energy Industry. I joined Piper Maddox to focus exclusively in the Wind, Solar & Energy Trading markets, recently being promoted to be the Head of all three areas.

Why Piper Maddox and the clean energy sector?

Renewable Energy is incredibly important to the future of mankind as we look to decrease our environmental footprint by producing cleaner energy to save the planet. As a recruiter, I am afforded the ability to help companies find the most passionate, motivated, and best talent in the market to achieve their vision and to further the adoption of clean energy in the US. I am passionate about changing lives and saving the plant one new employee at a time.

Something else…

A fact… I play guitar and drink Old Fashions.