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Quentin Klein

Quentin Klein
Name:  Quentin Klein
Position:  Senior Recruitment Consultant
Email address:
Phone number:  646-461-8191

My name is Quentin Klein and I am a Senior recruitment consultant on Piper Maddox’s Grid Edge Team.

I spent three years working as a Research and Development Engineer for an automotive defense contractor and now I am a senior consultant on our Grid Edge Team.

We partner with companies developing the next generation of the grid, energy efficiency technologies, as well as microgrids.

Why Piper Maddox and the clean energy sector?

Growing up as a car and environmental enthusiast, Piper Maddox checked the box for all of my interests. E-Mobility was a perfect match for me. But I saw tremendous opportunity in the Grid Edge market, so I took a leap of faith and joined what is proving to be an immensely high growth industry.

Something else…

Although he lives in beachless Manhattan, Quentin loves to surf and fish in the summer months. Once the weather cools down, he is either in the office or out west snowboarding.