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Ricky Singh

Ricky Singh
Name:  Ricky Singh
Position:  Head of Sustainability & ESG
Email address:
Phone number:  (646) 808-3765

​Ricky is the Head of Sustainability & ESG at Piper Maddox.

​Ricky has nearly 7 years of recruitment experience largely across SaaS Sales and Financial Technology. He was brought on to build and grow the Sustainability & ESG division across different verticals in North America. Areas the team focus in include Environmental & Social Impact, Sustainable Finance, Corporate Sustainability, ESG Consulting, ESG Data & Reporting, Sustainable Development, Sustainable Manufacturing and more.

Why Piper Maddox and the clean energy sector?

​Ricky joined Piper Maddox because of the impact they are making across the clean energy sector. With a credible history of delivering top talent into their clients, he believed Piper Maddox’s reputation in their client base was extraordinary and a testament to the teams core values, dedicated work and unbelievable growth over the past few years. The Global Impact the team has starts with the people here that are delivering the talent necessary to help reduce carbon emissions, waste and more of the largest combatants to a cleaner tomorrow.

Something else…

​He is a passionate Philadelphia Sports fan and a former employee of the Philadelphia Eagles, who helped shaped his career early on with the incredible work they do in the community as well as becoming one of the first franchises to power their stadium through solar and wind generated energy.