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Sam Rosenthal

Sam Rosenthal
Name:  Sam Rosenthal
Position:  Recruitment consultant
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​Sam leads the EPC & Technical focus in our Los Angeles office, supporting the latest solar companies across the United States.

I came in to lead our focus in the Solar EPC space, partnering with several Construction companies actively moving into renewables, Independent Power Producers, Solar racking companies and Engineering specialists.

The curiosity and excitement I have towards this space has boosted my ability to advocate my client’s story to the market is the most compelling way possible. Solar power is the world’s most popular form of new electricity generation and will account for half of the US’s electricity generation in 2022. Solar is the future, and I am thrilled to take a role in this progression.

Why Piper Maddox and the clean energy sector?

Renewable energy and clean tech are the way forward. Burning fossil fuels creates toxic pollution and negatively impacts global health. Using solar power reduces our reliance on this toxic resource and ultimately means we create less pollution and have a healthier planet. I am passionate to drive a positive change and specialising in this fascinating space has been the perfect avenue to have this effect.

By specialising in such an innovative and “clean” Sector, I can see first-hand the passion that people in the sector have, and it’s hard not to be infected by their enthusiasm to improve things.

Something else…

In my free time I enjoy writing music and playing guitar. I enjoy a good hike, going to the beach, playing football & basketball, and watching all kinds of sports.