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Zion Hussey

Zion Hussey
Name:  Zion Hussey
Position:  Senior Consultant – Storage & Hydrogen
Email address:
Phone number:  +1 424-644-6165

I'm ​Zion, Technical Specialist in the Hydrogen & E-Storage industry based out of Los Angeles.

I have over 5 Years Recruitment Experience largely focused on engineering recruitment across the energy sector both in the UK and most recently in the US.

I was brought in to help lead and develop the Piper Maddox brand, to further grow out the E-Storage industry and lead our expansion in the Hydrogen market in North America. We already work with some incredibly interesting companies with plans to work partner with a number of innovative firms in the sectors.

Why Piper Maddox and the clean energy sector?

I am incredibly passionate about helping to support the reverse of climate change and working with many of the world changing clean tech companies in the market today.

Something else…

After moving to Los Angeles from the UK, I love any activity out in the sun, particularly enjoying attempting to surf!