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Project Finance Associate
$120k - $140k
United States

Piper Maddox has just been engaged in an exclusive, and confidential search by one of the industry leaders in residential solar installations, operations, and financing, in the pursuit of finding their next Project Finance Associate.

Being founded in 2003, this is an organization that has been at the forefront of the residential solar space, quite literally since its inception with over $26B worth of financings successfully executed at this point in time.

Up until recently, they operated primarily through offering point-of-sale financing through their established network of installers, and then packaging up a portfolio of those loans to sell to institutional investors. Now, with the latest developments within the IRA creating more benefit for third party asset owners, they are looking to capitalize on the opportunity present there, and will look to maintain a majority ownership stake in all systems they have online as they progress.

With this new direction that the organization is moving in, there is a lot of work to be done across all Capital Markets, much of which being first of its kind financing, that there is no real blue print for.

This Project Finance Associate will act as the number 2 to the SVP of Project Finance for the organization, who is spearheading this shift in strategy, while simultaneously raising all the capital necessary to finance the upcoming project pipeline.

The ideal candidate would have:

-2-4 years of professional experience in renewable energy project finance

-proficiency in financial modelling with debt-financing and tax-equity

-engaged in at least one tax-equity securitization process

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