Principal Analyst/Engineer

Job title : Principal Analyst/Engineer
Job-type : Permanent
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Piper Maddox has been by one of the world’s most well established utilities: Enel. They have come to the US to become one of the renewable energy supermajors. They are one of the fastest-growing Independent Power Producer's in the USA and one of the largest IPP's globally with a geographically diverse portfolio of assets. Enel is the world's largest privately held Renewable Energy Developer, with around 88GW of wind, solar, geothermal, and hydropower plants installed globally. Enel is Europe’s largest Utility in terms of EBITDA (Earnings), present in over 30 countries globally they came to the US with a vision to become one of the largest IPPs in North America.

They already have a presence in over 15 US states and in Canada which includes over 60 plants already in operation and close to 7GW capacity - wind, geothermal, solar & energy storage Their goal is to put down 100GW of additional capacity (installed) in the next 10 years! Although they have not given a specific figure on how much will be in the US 1/3 of their total global CAPEX spend for the next 10 years will be in the US.

They are looking to continue their trend of growing out their renewable energy division and need an experienced Principal Analyst/Engineer. This person is responsible for developing company’s view with comprehensive analysis of North American energy markets. This includes integrating nodal market modeling to support market ancillary services, and capacity pricing.

​​This team is responsible for analyzing the current state of power markets nationwide, assessing Enel’s presence in those markets, and determining strategy for how to better develop presence in those markets whilst minimizing risk. The teams current focus is at a macro level how are market conditions including things like regulation, weather and demand affecting price. To maker sure they have a truly holistic understanding of the market they want to hire this person as a expert within the team to build a ‘project up’ approach where you will look at specific generating assets at a nodal level and determine how these projects could be optimized form a power flow analysis perspective. This will become a fundamental role within the market analysis team, they do not need this person to have experience of macro level analysis previously, but the two views are not totally disconnected so if you don’t have experience at that level you will get exposure to those ways of thinking which will in turn give you a more holistic perspective of the market.  There is no need for this person to directly manage people however if you are interested to do so this could absolutely become a managerial position as they build out the team.

This role can be REMOTE.


  • The purpose of this team is to conduct analysis of energy markets nationwide; this role specifically however is focused on adding a nodal level modelling capability to the existing capability of the team which is mainly at zonal level.

  • Nodal level modelling is a more granular focus on how a power generating asset is going to connect and interact with a specific connection point, this is basically power systems/power flow analysis. What is the physical structure of the system, what are the physical constraints of the system. How is the power flowing through this point and what congestions/challenges may we face – for example, this person may think “why is power not flowing” and the answer may be that a braker needs to be opened.

  • Because of this a traditional ‘analyst’ may not have an interest or be able to keep interest because they enjoy the ‘macro’ view and this is bottoms up. People who would be successful in this role will typically have an engineering background, more specifically electrical engineering however it is not essential for them to be an electrical engineer. The macro and this bottoms up view are not totally disconnected but it is different.

  • Because of this the ideal candidate will be working at an ISO. It is likely that this person will have worked in a Power Flow Analysis / Power Systems Analysis specific role, they could also have done this within a market strategy group or within an interconnection department at an IPP/Developer, its possible this person could have the job title ‘Interconnection’ but be focused on power systems studies. This person could also be working at a consultancy or utility.

  • This person will need to have experience of Power Systems/Flow analysis software PowerWorld, PSSE.

  • This person will likely have experience of power sector modelling software – Aurora/Promod – however if someone has the power systems analysis experience you can train them up on the pricing side and so experience with this software is not essential.

  • It is not essential for this person to have worked in any one specific power market, this role will predominantly be focused on ERCOT and SPP but experience in another power market is just as good and, in some instances, may be better because of the looser restrictions in ERCOT.

  • It is highly preferred and very likely that this person will have STEM degree. Although it is not essential an advanced degree would be preferred.