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Case Studies

Earthrise Energy

An independent power producer accelerating the decarbonization of the grid.

The Partnership.

Earthrise Energy is a Public Benefit Corporation, that is committed to delivering lasting value to stakeholders by aligning governance, mission, and values. Supported by Vision Ridge Partners, a leading investor in sustainable real assets, Earthrise focuses on transformative growth to address climate change and scale sustainable infrastructure. They acquire, develop, and operate power generation facilities to provide reliable electricity, support grid decarbonization, and meet evolving customer and community needs.

The challenges they were facing.

In December of 2021, Jonathan Pike (Head of Project Development) reached out after years of being connected and discussed potentially partnering together.

Earthrise Energy was finally coming out of Stealth Mode and was looking to partner exclusively with one recruitment provider that would focus on a truly quality-oriented approach and make sure they are best representing them in the market, as the team was still only a handful of executives.


The solutions we presented.

To start the partnership, we initially agreed to engage with them on a three-role retainer:

  • Business Development Manager
  • Project Development Manager
  • Transmission and Interconnection Manager

Shortly after, we engaged on a 1-role retainer deal for Project Finance Analyst.

Because of the quick success of the partnership and the variety of skillsets the organization was looking to place, we then engaged on an additional 7-role retainer where we placed candidates across Project Development, Procurement, Environmental Services, FP&A, and several others.


The Results.

We were able to deliver an exceptional quality of service, identify top talent across the market, provide each candidate with an exceptional recruitment experience, and organize this delivery in a way that was easy for the organization and hiring managers to manage before bringing on an HR leader.

In 2022, we conducted a quick analysis of the states up until that point, where we were engaged in 10 jobs.

We noticed a trend: across those 10 roles, we submitted 90 candidates and booked 50 first interviews. What we tend to find is that for any role, we submit 4-6 resumes; for Earthrise’s roles, we tend to send between 8-10 resumes to make a placement.

However, we have also seen a good success rate of two resumes to one interview, whereas for most clients, it tends to be three resumes to one interview.

Additionally, we have been able to find multiple candidates for any one role and make multiple placements (i.e., Procurement, Development, etc.)

2022 Results:

  • 12 roles engaged on
    13 placements (placed 2 people into one open role due to high quality of candidates presented)

2023 Results:

  • 9 roles engaged on
    Placed 4 people.
    Actively engaged on 2 live jobs

Through the quality of service and the quality of the delivery by Piper Maddox, Earthrise Energy were delighted with the solution implemented and our service exceeded the expectations of the business.