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Case Studies


A next generation, low-carbon fuel company focused on the development and commercialization of renewable fuels.

The Partnership.

Gevo focuses on the development and commercialization of renewable fuels like sustainable aviation fuels and renewable natural gas, among others.

Gevo uses renewable feedstocks that have the potential to lower greenhouse gas emissions at a meaningful scale, and enhance agricultural production, and facilitate a circular economy. Additionally, Gevo has a separate business unit called Verity Carbon Solutions which is a proprietary blockchain based platform that enables their customers, in the agriculture and energy space to track their carbon footprint and carbon intensity score across the entire value chain.

Gevo is a mission focused business with a fantastic culture. Their culture is defined by agility and innovation, and are looking for people excited to join a team driven by the mission of decarbonization, sustainability, and making a difference.


The challenges they were facing.

Gevo had plans for significant headcount growth in 2023 across a wide variety of job functions and levels of seniority – and was looking to lean on an agency to support their staffing efforts.


The solutions we presented.

Due to the limited internal resources for staffing, they needed to engage with a specialist recruitment business that could help them attract the best talent in the market at scale across many positions.

Piper Maddox was able to deploy a delivery team from its 70+ specialist recruiters to deliver across a meaningful volume of roles throughout 2023 – all channeled through a single point of contact, the Account Manager, and work in tandem with the internal HR team at Gevo.

We offered support across a very wide range of roles, business units, and levels of seniority. This was across Engineering, Project Management, Business Development, Finance, Operations, EHS, GIS, Carbon Markets, and Back-Office.


The Results.

We were able to deliver an exceptional quality of service, identify the top talent across the market, give each candidate an exceptional recruitment experience, and facilitate efficient and streamlined searches with an average time from initial kickoff to placement of 6-8 weeks.

Throughout the entire partnership (2022 – 2023) we were engaged on 29 individual vacancies, we presented 191 candidates, of which 103 were selected for an interview, resulting in a total of 17 placements.

From April 1st, 2023 to December 8th, 2023, when hiring volume peaked, and Gevo began utilizing Piper Maddox on an exclusive basis, we were engaged on 16 individual vacancies, we presented 104 candidates, of which 60 were selected for interview, resulting in a total 11 placements. Of the 5 vacancies not filled – 1 was filled internally, 1 was to be put on hold until January 2024, and 3 remain ongoing searches. The overall result of this period was an 80% fill rate (projected to reach 90% by January 1st, 2025)

Through the quality of service and the quality of the delivery by Piper Maddox, Gevo was delighted with the solution implemented and our service exceeded the expectations of the business.



“Over the past eight months I’ve had the pleasure to work with Piper Maddox on multiple roles at multiple levels within our organization. The process has been simple, and communication has been excellent.Without fail, each of the candidates is of the highest caliber and are always prepared for interviews with our team members. I have found Piper Maddox to be available, transparent, honest and a joy to work with from initial conversations sounding out suitability, to contract discussions and through employment offers.

I believe we have built a stellar business relationship that will last, I highly recommend Piper Maddox for their network and understanding of our industry, our needs and our core business.”

- Client Testimonial – Gevo


“I had an amazing experience working with Ben. I have worked with other recruiters in the past who would have an initial call and then you wouldn’t hear from them for two months during the process. Ben is the complete opposite. He’s attentive, stays in touch, and gives honest, real-time feedback. He’s very positive, even when delivering bad-ish news that the process is delayed.

Job hunting is hard. Ben makes it bearable. He never let me get discouraged or doubtful nor did he let me get overexcited. He helped manage my expectations on the company and the process. Ben also doesn’t strike me as one who would ghost someone to avoid telling them they didn’t get the role just to save himself a difficult conversation.

I think Ben should start a class on how to be a recruiter. If others had the same experience with recruiters that I had with Ben, they would not mind the process as much.

Thanks so much, Ben for everything. I am so very glad you were the one to help me move to the next stage in my life journey.”

- Candidate Testimonial – Gevo