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Piper Maddox excels in providing executive recruitment solutions tailored to the unique demands of the ever-evolving energy sector. With a strategic focus on sourcing top-tier talent for leadership positions, Piper Maddox stands out for its commitment to identifying and securing executive-level professionals who can drive innovation and navigate the complexities of the clean energy landscape. Leveraging a global network and an in-depth understanding of the industry, Piper Maddox offers bespoke executive search services, ensuring that clients access the highest calibre leaders to spearhead their organisations towards sustainability and success.

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What are the benefits of Executive Search?

  • Specialised knowledge in the energy sector for targeted executive recruitment.
  • Access to a diverse pool of top-tier executive talent on a global scale.
  • Aligning organisational goals with leadership requirements for success.
  • Exclusive focus on executive hiring needs for a thorough and targeted process.
  • Detailed analysis, including salary benchmarking and candidate motivations.
  • Exclusive partnerships signal commitment to attracting top executive talent.
  • Consultative approach ensures the best fit for both client and candidate.
  • Streamlined process saves time and resources while securing high-quality candidates.

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What our partners think?

LiveWire - Client
Group Chief Engineer, Advanced Engineering, LiveWire (A division of Harley Davidson)
Viriciti - Client
Managing Director, Viriciti LLC
Ampaire - Client
Senior VP of Engineering, Ampaire
LiveWire - Client 2
Head of Recruiting, LiveWire (A division of Harley Davidson)
GKN - Client
Technical Capability Director, GKN Aerospace

“We’ve been partnering with Piper Maddox since late 2018 to find leading talent across multiple disciplines in EV systems, infotainment and connectivity. Piper Maddox has consistently demonstrated their understanding of our industry and their connection to some of the best in these spaces, from individual contributors to front-line and executive leaders. The relationship we have with them results in quick alignment on what’s most important in each role and a stream of pre-screened well-qualified candidates. Piper Maddox has enabled us to build all-new high-caliber teams faster than most thought was possible.”

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