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Piper Maddox becomes a member company of Volta Foundation

Piper Maddox, a leading Cleantech recruitment partner in the UK and US is pleased to announce its recent membership with Volta Foundation. This collaboration marks a significant step forward for Piper Maddox as it joins forces with an esteemed non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the global battery industry. With a network of over 50,000 battery professionals, Volta Foundation is committed to fostering a dynamic and sustainable battery ecosystem. Through its initiatives such as monthly events like Battery Brunch, publications including Battery Bits, industry reports like Battery Report, and open communication channels on Battery Street, Volta Foundation plays a pivotal role in promoting collaboration, innovation, and knowledge-sharing within the battery industry. "We are thrilled to join forces with Volta Foundation and contribute to their mission of driving progress within the battery industry," said Alex Cohen, Senior Director, North America at Piper Maddox. "As a member company, we are eager to engage with fellow industry leaders, participate in valuable events and initiatives, and collectively work towards a more sustainable energy future." Piper Maddox's decision to join Volta Foundation underscores its dedication to remaining at the forefront of the rapidly evolving battery industry. By collaborating with Volta Foundation and tapping into its diverse network of professionals, Piper Maddox aims to leverage its expertise and resources to address key challenges, foster innovation, and accelerate the transition to sustainable energy solutions.

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29 May 2022
e mobility
press release
29 May 2022
Piper Maddox announce partnership with TSG UK

Piper Maddox are proud to announce its partnership with TSG UK (part of TSG Group) to help the growth of its TSG Charge, DRB and UCP Choice divisions. Established in 2016, TSG Group is a global energy and retail solutions provider that has grown to employ over 3,500 employees, spanning over 30 different countries, while continuing to reach new heights at rapid rates. With the remarkable €650million worth of annual sales in 2020, the Group was able to retain its market position as world-leading equipment & services provider, leading the group to now invest heavily in renewables to build a more sustainable world. Where does our brand; Piper Maddox come in? Piper Maddox are playing an influential role in the positive change in the way we power the world. And so, TSG UK has partnered with Piper Maddox exclusively for their recruitment needs in their TSG Charge, DRB and UCP brands. TSG Charge provides multi-technology EV charge solutions, enabling its customers to better manage and maintain their networks. DRB represents over 40 years of experience in the installation of electrical products and services. UCP Choice is a leading national provider of high-voltage connections, helping to accelerate the move to electric vehicles and renewable energy. These divisions are rapidly growing and are looking for the best talented individuals to join their respective teams. Piper Maddox are Renewable Energy recruitment specialists covering the E-Mobility, Energy Storage, Sustainability, Solar, Grid Edge, Wind, Energy Efficiency, and Hydrogen markets. Founded In 2015, Piper Maddox now has five offices spread across the USA and Europe, dedicated to supporting companies that will be the biggest disruptors in the future state of our planet, through the sourcing and introduction of talent.

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