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Piper Maddox announces the release of their Battery Storage Salary Survey

Piper Maddox is excited to announce the release of the Battery Storage Salary Survey. This is the initial year that Piper Maddox has conducted a salary survey for the battery storage community across the USA. The release of our battery storage salary survey marks a significant milestone in understanding the compensation trends and career growth opportunities within this dynamic industry. We invite you to download the survey report today and unlock the valuable insights that will shape the future of your career or organization in battery storage. How did Piper Maddox coduct the Salary Survey? Battery storage leaders were asked to share their views across a wide range of areas including, but not limited to, what attracts battery storage professionals to their organizations, what are the most difficult skill sets to recruit for, and the challenges of recruiting in the battery storage space. This information led Piper Maddox to create a survey focusing on the North American battery storage market where over 350 battery storage professionals located across the USA were surveyed and sourced from Piper Maddox’s professional network. As well as analyzing compensation trends, the research uncovers trends in areas such as, background and working preferences for candidates, insight into organizations' battery storage programs, and some of the key hiring challenges for organizations. 76% of people list an increase in compensation as a major motivator for seeking new opportunities and over 65% of individuals are looking for new job opportunities in 2023. Download our Battery Storage Salary Survey here.

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